Balance Compact Open

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The Balance Series is the most ergonomic saddle chair in the range.

Do you suffer from back or neck problems, or do you want to prevent this, then the ERGOsp Balance is the saddle chair for you.

The mounted Ergo-balance™ extender can move 11˚ in all directions. ERGOsp has chosen to place the extender as low as possible, with the result that the movements are easy and gradual (a sitting ball simulation) instead of directly under the saddle which entails fast and possibly uncomfortable movements.

Sitting Ball vs Pony BalanceSitting position on Pony Balance

On a sitting ball, your body is constantly trying to unconsciously find the balance so that your back is least burdened. So you sit maximum dynamic and lightly train the core muscles. You have the advantages of a sitting ball, but not the disadvantages.

The 55cm cross base makes the stool very maneuverable and yet extremely stable.


Standard configuration:

  • Compact Open saddle in black
  • extender
  • Short gas spring (1.65m - 1.85m)
  • Aluminum cross base 52cm
  • Set of soft standing/stop wheels for hard floor

As an option, choose the gas spring and the color of the saddle.

You can add the desired saddle color via the accessories.