Our company


ERGO Special Products is a dynamic company that focuses entirely on ergonomic saddle chairs. With the Balance extender and the Open saddle,  we have, Alex (Physiotherapist) and Mathieu (Technical Engineer), unique features at our disposal.

The Pony saddle chairs are assembled to your personal configuration in our depot in Zellik.   



With ERGOsp we strive to offer every individual a suitable ergonomic saddle chair to prevent back problems.


Research shows that 70 to 85% of the population sooner or later has to deal with back and/or neck complaints. It is mainly the unilateral actions, combined with a static muscle load, that lead to these complaints.

With ERGOsp we stand for quality, expertise, and customer focus and we, therefore, want to provide our customers with the appropriate ergonomic saddle chair to prevent back complaints.

Target audience:

With ERGOsp we focus on every individual who works while seated.


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